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To all Green Industry Alliance Members,


I would first like to thank all the attendees and sponsors that attended the Green Industry Alliance reception held January 11, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency in Indianapolis, Indiana. We had over 50 Representatives and Senators attend our reception, even though the session for the representatives ran later than anticipated. The event was sponsored by the following companies or associations which enabled the Green Industry Alliance to host the reception; TruGreen, Bayer, Indianapolis Landscape Association, Syngenta, John Deere Landscapes and the Indiana Nursery and Landscape Association. After the reception the Green Industry Alliance invited Representative Sean Eberhart to speak at a dinner after the reception.


The reception allowed the Green Industry Alliance to focus on some key bills being heard in this years legislative session. One of which was the phosphorous bill, which was closely monitored by the Green Industry Alliance and its legislative advisers, The Corydon Group. Each table at the reception displayed a “white paper” on the positive benefits phosphorous based on research by Purdue University. Some of the representatives and senators at the reception which read the document had asked that they be emailed a copy of the paper. We feel this opened their eyes to the benefits of phosphorous and if applied properly does not cause damage as has been publicized in may local papers. Again, I cannot begin to thank the sponsors enough for allowing us the opportunity to voice our opinion, in a relaxed and on an individual basis, especially on a bill that could inflict havoc upon many of our lawn companies which are educated, licensed and subject to fines if found to be in violation of applications. I feel the last part, regarding the fines was key for many of the representatives to hear as many were not aware of this. Their reaction was “Why should we (legislators) institute a law that is already being monitored and handled by the State Chemist office which is far more educated on this issue, than many of us.” I truly understand that they are responding to many of their constituents, but facts are facts, and we had the backing to prove it.


The phosphorous bill has been sent to Representative Eberhart’s committee. I feel very confident that due to this reception and dinner which followed with Representative Sean Eberhart, Chair of the House Natural Resource committee, this bill will not become law during the 2012 legislative session. While it much like the immigration issue, it will continue to be introduced in other legislative sessions, the Green Industry Alliance will continue to educate the legislators and general public regarding the use of lawn products along with the benefits of hiring a professional company.