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The Green Industry Alliance was among industry associations testifying in support of Indiana House Bill 1065 before the House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee on January 12, 2006. The GIA was represented by Bob Andrews, Executive Director of the Indiana Professional Lawn and Landscape Association.

House Bill 1065 advocates several minor changes in the Indiana Pesticide Use and Application Law. Included in these are increase in both the Pesticide Licensing Fees as well as increases in the Pesticide Registration Law. All of those testifying in support of these changes did so for three reasons.

1. The Indiana State Chemist has not asked for a fee increase for more than 10 years and needs such incrfeases to simply maitain their level of operation.

2. A portion of these fees goes to support Purdue Pesticide Programs which is responsible for the training and certification of all commercial and private applicators. As the industry continues to grow and diversify, the need for such education has become even more important.

3.Indians pesticide license fees are significantly below those charged by surrounding states.

Joining the Green Industry Alliance in support of this Bill were the Indiana Farm Bureau, the Indiana Plant Food and Agricultural Chemicals Association, and Purdue University. After hearing all concerned the House Committee voted favorably on the measure moving it forward in the committee process.

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